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Set Limit to your LinkedIn Tasks
Set Limit to your LinkedIn Tasks

Throttle your linkedIn activities

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Klenty allows you to enrich your cold outreach efforts by linking your LinkedIn account to Klenty. This helps you to customize, automate and scale your sales outreach using your LinkedIn contacts and engage with the right leads at the right time. This article explains how to execute LinkedIn tasks in Klenty. LinkedIn Execution

How does this help?

LinkedIn’s user agreement doesn’t permit anyone to send more than a certain number of automated communications every day. This is to assure that every user gets an excellent user experience with LinkedIn. That is why Klenty has an inbuilt feature called LinkedIn Throttle. This assists you in ensuring that you don’t send beyond LinkedIn’s suggested daily limit.

How to throttle the LinkedIn tasks execution in Klenty?

To set this up in the Klenty platform, you just need to choose which of the LinkedIn Tasks you want to Throttle. You can select one or more LinkedIn Tasks as per your requirements. This lets you execute multiple tasks within the daily limit while ensuring guaranteed performance.

Settings --> LinkedIn Settings --> LinkedIn Throttle

What happens if the Limit is Exceeded?

You will be prompted with an error banner at the top of the page when the limit for tasks such as any of the View Profile, Connect Request, Send Inmail, and Send messages has been exceeded. This ensures that the execution of LinkedIn tasks remains consistent and cohesive.

Please note that you can still execute the tasks even if the limit is exceeded. We are showing a warning to make sure you are aware that the limit is reached

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