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Build A New Form With Schedule IQ
Build A New Form With Schedule IQ

Get lead info and book a meeting with them right away

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The lead router option in Klenty lets you create a web form of your choice to capture lead information and book a meeting immediately after.

Event Booking Form

The form includes the following options:

  1. Headline for your form

  2. Description

  3. Personalize your form - This lets you add custom questions. Required fields already included are name and email.

Adding personalized questions helps you route the lead to the best-fit sales rep in your team so they meet with the right person.

Meeting Details

In this section, you can configure the scheduling side of things, including:

  • Meeting Name

  • Duration in Minutes

  • Description of the Meeting

  • Event Link to schedule a meeting

  • Advanced Settings

    • buffer time - provides the reps with time between meetings

    • booking window - how far into the future should the schedule display for the lead

    • Meeting Notice - get enough advanced notice wh

Routing Logic

Automatically assign the meeting to reps based on the logic you choose. Here's a more detailed look at how routing logic works.

  1. Rule-Based Routing - Assign meetings to team members based on lead response, IP Address, or your own custom rules.

  2. Round Robin - Assign meetings evenly among team members using Round Robin.


This setting decides what the lead should see once the meeting has been booked. You can either show a thank you page or redirect the lead to a different page.

  • Thank you page - shows a confirmation to the lead that the meeting has been booked, along with the meeting details. You can:

    • customize the message to show leads

    • add questions for the lead to fill out

  • Redirect - you will need to enter the link to the page that the lead should be redirected to


This section includes

  1. meeting drop-off - where you can configure a follow-up if a lead doesn't book a meeting.

2. Calendar Invite email - you can preview and customise the email, including:

  • From Email Address - the email address that will be used to the send the emails

  • Add Placeholders for your subject and email template

  • Customize template style and size

Note – The placeholder you're inserting on the subject will be available only for your email body.

Add to Website

Lastly, you can set up how the form shows up on your website.

  1. Inline Embed - Loads the form within the web page

  2. Popup Text – Insert a text link on your website to open the scheduling page in a popup.

Once you choose either option, you will be provided with the code that should be added to your website. You will need to add this code to the right web pages for Schedule IQ to start capturing leads.

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