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Importing Prospects from Salesforce
Importing Prospects from Salesforce

Instructions on importing from Salesforce to Klenty

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Before you begin:

  • Make sure your Salesforce account is connected to Klenty.

  • Create at least one Leads or Contacts report in Salesforce that includes the prospects you want to import to Klenty (the type of Salesforce reports Klenty supports are 'Contacts & Accounts', 'Leads', 'Opportunities' only.

To import from Salesforce:

  1. In your Klenty account and go to Prospects -> click on the Add Prospects icon at the top right -> select Salesforce.

  2. Select the Report you want to import from the drop-down box. You can also import from the List view in Salesforce

3. You can add the prospects to a List or Tag and click on Import

4. Using the 'Assign to' option,

  • You can choose the 'Contact owner' option so that the same owner in Salesforce will reflect in Klenty as the prospect owner

  • Or you can set the ownership of the prospects to any of your teammates in Klenty

Under Prospects -> Import History, you can view the Salesforce reports you have imported.

Import options:

Toggle on Auto import to automatically add prospects to Klenty when the Imported filter is updated. (Note: we check for updates from your Salesforce report every 3 hours.)

Use the Import Now button to import/update prospects immediately, when needed.

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