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Mapping Salesforce Fields to Klenty
Mapping Salesforce Fields to Klenty
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When integrating Salesforce with Klenty, it is important to understand what fields can be mapped in Klenty. This will ensure that your data is accurately transferred from Klenty to CRM.

In General, all the standard fields in Salesforce will have a direct mapping to fields in Klenty. However, there are some fields such as Custom fields need to be mapped manually.

How can I map the fields?

To map the fields, Head to Main Settings--> CRM integration--> Field Mappings.

Please note that the data value for all the Text field types can be mapped but restricted to Date picker, Currency and User field types.

The field mappings are available for Leads, Contacts and Opportunity and they are restricted to Regular users, only to the Owner and Admin of the team will have access. Reach out to them to have these fields mapped.

What more can be synced with Salesforce?

Certain fields such as Prospects Status, Propsects outcome, and Cadence name can be synced with the CRM from Klenty instantly when mapped.

This is beneficial for the Users who import the Prospects into Klenty and move the potential ones instead of cluttering them into the CRM for the purpose of Prospect recognition and reporting dashboard.

Create custom fields in Salesforce and map them under Klenty's field mapping section.


Why certain fields are not displayed under Klenty field mapping?

  • Make sure the module for which the fields such as Leads, Contacts and Opportunity has the Read & Write access in the CRM.

  • Ensure you are searching for the fields under the respective section as if a custom field is created under Leads, make sure to search for the particular field under Field mappings--> Leads Or Contact Or Opportunity.

  • The types of the fields should not be the restricted field types.

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