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Setting-up the Salesforce Integration
Setting-up the Salesforce Integration

Step-by-Step guide for setting up the Salesforce Integration

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To integrate Salesforce with Klenty, API access is required. If you have Enterprise and higher edition plans in Salesforce you can integrate with Klenty.

Klenty’s native integration with Salesforce allows you to

  • Import and Export prospects

  • Start, Stop or Resume cadence right from inside Salesforce using the Chrome extension

  • Log activities to Salesforce from Klenty for different actions and engagement - Know more

To set up the integration

  1. Login to your Klenty account and navigate to Settings -> CRM Settings -> CRM.

  2. Click on Salesforce and you’ll be redirected to Salesforce login page.

  3. Login to your Salesforce account and you’ll be redirected back to Klenty once the integration is successful.

Handling Errors while connecting your Salesforce account

You might encounter errors while connecting your salesforce account or the page might redirect you back to Klenty and you might find the Salesforce not connected. It could be because of one of the below reasons:

  • Please check if you have API access for your account. API access is available with Enterprise and higher edition of Salesforce plans

  • Your profile in salesforce may not have the required permissions - Please reach out to your Salesforce admin to enable Read & Write permissions for the below modules

* Leads & Contacts

* Opportunities

* Activities

  • If your organisation has implemented login IP restrictions in Salesforce, reach our support team and get the IPs to whitelist by your admin

  • If you would like to connect your Sandbox account during the trial phase, contact our support team

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