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Syncing to Pipedrive with Triggers
Syncing to Pipedrive with Triggers

Automate your workflow with Triggers. Automatically create deals, people, and activities in Pipedrive.

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Use Triggers to automatically create tasks, persons, deals, and move deal stages in Pipedrive based on activity in Klenty.

To set up triggers in Klenty, go to Settings -> CRM Settings -> Triggers. You can select multiple actions (like creating a person in Pipedrive and assigning a task) for each trigger.

The triggers would be displayed in the following manner in Pipedrive.

Additional Triggers for Schedule IQ:

When using Schedule IQ, these exclusive triggers will effectively track all Meeting activities.

The Actions created for these Triggers are as follows,

  1. For Meeting booked in Calendar:

  • Record Activity For Deal/ Person.

  • Schedule an activity for Deal/Person

  • Update a Specific Person Field

  • Create Person/ Deal.

  • Move deal to next stage.

2. For Meeting Canceled triggers:

  • Update a Specific Person Field

3. For Drop-off Before Booking Meeting trigger:

  • Create a Person

  • Update a Specific Person Field

Add Prefix to your Activities:

These Tasks will be created with a common prefix as Open, Sent Mail, Reply and so on. However, the configuration of tasks created for a Person/Deal can be customized with prefixes when syncing to Pipedrive in order to recognize them.

For whom is it Useful:

If you're using various automation features in Pipedrive, you might end up with multiple tasks created for a single deal. To avoid confusion and differentiate the tasks created via Klenty from the others, you can consider adding a unique identifier or label to the Klenty tasks. This will help you stay organized and ensure that you're focusing on the right tasks at the right time for Creating Dashboard or Reporting purposes.

Please note that the Triggers will function progressively for the prospects added after this setup.

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