Once a cadence is in progress, you will track how prospects are doing from the Prospects tab inside the Cadence. Prospects can have different statuses for a Cadence.

  1. In Cadence - prospects currently in the Cadence and haven't replied, bounced, unsubscribed, or manually stopped by you.

  2. Completed without reply - Prospects who have completed all cadence steps without having replied bounced or unsubscribed.

  3. Bounced - Prospects for whom you have received a bounce message indicating the email wasn't delivered.

  4. Replied - Prospects who have responded to an email sent as part of the Cadence.

  5. Replied stopped - Cadence stopped for prospects who belong to the same domain as a prospect who replied (this is part of a safety setting in Settings -> Email)

  6. Manually stopped - prospects for whom you manually stopped the Cadence. You can resume the Cadence for these prospects at any time.

  7. Auto-reply stopped - prospects for whom Klenty stopped the Cadence due to an auto-reply. You can resume the Cadence for these prospects at any time.

  8. Unsubscribed - prospects who have opted out of a Cadence. They will not receive any follow-up emails, nor will you be able to add them to a new cadence.

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