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Importing Unsubscribed/Do not Contact Prospects to Klenty
Importing Unsubscribed/Do not Contact Prospects to Klenty

Explanation on importing previously unsubscribed prospects to Klenty.

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If you have a list of prospects who unsubscribed from campaigns previously, here's how you can import them to Klenty and ensure that you never email them.

There are two steps here:

  • Import prospects to a specific list in Klenty.

  • Filter prospects based on this list name and change their status to "Unsubscribed."

First, import these prospects to Klenty from the Prospects page > "Add Prospect" button - and choose an option as to how you'd like to import these prospects.

While importing, make sure you give a list name in Klenty and hit "Start Import." Klenty will now assign all your unsubscribed prospects to this list.

Here's a sample screenshot to help:

Now, you have all the "Unsubscribed" prospects in a separate list in Klenty.

Now head to Prospects, and search for the list "unsubscribe" and select the required list.

With this, you have filtered the list of prospects that are to be unsubscribed.

Select all the prospects > Click on "kebab menu" > Choose "Change Prospect Status".

You have two options now - "Unsubscribed" and "Do Not Contact."

When you change a prospect's status to either "Unsubscribed" or "Do Not Contact," - Klenty will never email them.

But here's the difference between the two:

  • Unsubscribed - Once you change a prospect's status to unsubscribed in Klenty, you cannot revert it. You can never email them from Klenty again.

  • Do Not Contact - You can revert this. Even if a prospect's status is changed to "Do Not Contact," you can revert it and start them in a cadence again.

Select a status that suits you and hit "Change."

That's about it. You have blacklisted these prospects in Klenty.

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