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Outcome configuration

Measure success of your cadences using pre-defined or custom outcome

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To measure the success of the activities you perform, you can log the outcomes for all three types of channels now and track them in reports.

Previously, this was limited to only emails and calls. Now, you can log outcomes for emails, calls, and tasks.

Where can I configure the outcomes?

Head to Settings > Prospects > Outcome configuration to check the available outcomes and to edit it for various channels.

What are the default outcomes available?

The default outcomes

  • Positive

  • Negative

  • Neutral

  • Meeting booked

  • Contact later

  • Wrong contact are available across all the plans

These outcomes can also be customized in the Growth, Pro and Enterprise plans.

  • You can also create new outcomes by clicking on Add New Outcome

  • You can hide/ unhide outcomes for the different channels using the edit option

  • You can delete custom outcomes

How to log outcomes?


You can log outcomes for the responses you receive from your prospects in the Inbox section (available on the main Inbox page and within the cadence inbox),


The outcome can be logged for a completed call if the status is set as Answered. This can be done from the main calls page > Completed section or from within the cadence > calls section.


The outcome can be marked for a completed task only if the status is marked as Responded. This can be marked from the Tasks page,

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