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How do I schedule my reports?

Download reports at your convenience by scheduling them.

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The purpose of this article is to help you automate exporting your reports instead of manually doing it every time. You can schedule the reports to be exported on a regular basis.

Note: This feature is available exclusively in the Enterprise plan.

Klenty will send the reports to the email address that is set to be notified on the platform. This simplifies your work and automatically exports compiled report from your Klenty account.

How to do this:

Once all the reports are logged in your Klenty account, head to the reports section and follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Navigate to Cadence Reports

  2. On the top right side, click on the dropdown next to Export

  3. Select Schedule Exports

  4. Set the email address to which the export should be sent to, and the report's name, and choose the frequency (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)

  5. Specify the time you'd like the reports to be exported.

After editing, click Schedule to ensure the updates you've made are saved.

The report will be exported as a CSV and delivered at the scheduled time to the email address you’ve provided.

As simple as that 🤠

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