You may have thousands of Prospects in Klenty. Or even millions if you are one of our power users. But what really matters is the 20% of the Prospect database, which you should be focusing on right now.

To focus on them,

Klenty offers a solution that lets you categorize prospects - you have and haven't contacted in the last 30 days. It can be done by using Active and Inactive filters, that are available on your prospects page,

Active filter: All the prospects who you have been in contact with or imported in the past 30 days.

Inactive filter: All the prospects who you have not contacted in the last 30 days and are not part of any cadence.

There is even more to this functionality - after applying the needed filter (Active/Inactive) you will be able to export the data related to that specific filter.

How can we export the prospects, based on the filters?

  • Apply the filter, it can be done by simply clicking on the filter. In the below screenshot, I have applied the filter - Active. That explains the blue highlight over the filter,

  • Then, hit Export All, which allows you to export the desired content,

If you have questions or clarifications please reach out to Klenty support, we are always happy to help.

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