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How to attribute outcomes to Converted and Lost?

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Outcome configuration allows you and your team to log outcomes based on your customer's response. You can choose an outcome directly from the prospects page, under the outcome column.

To know more about outcome configuration please head on to Settings > Prospects > Outcome Configuration.

In there, you will notice 3 different sections- Open, Converted, and Lost.

The default and the newly created outcomes will be present in the Open section, from where you can move those outcomes to one among the other two sections (Converted or Lost).

In the below video Positive outcome is moved from Open to Converted.

If you are on a Growth or an Enterprise plan, you can create your outcomes by heading on to Settings > Prospects > Outcome Configuration > + Create a new Outcome.

To edit or delete a newly created configuration, please select the 3 dots icon which you can see next to the outcomes. The delete option will be available if the outcome is newly created.

In the above Gif, you can notice outcome "Positive" is moved from the Open to Converted section. In doing so the system moved prospects to the "Converted" prospect management tab. In the first screenshot, the same prospect was in the "Active" filter.

If an outcome is reverted back from an existing section(Converted or Lost) to an open section - all the prospects present in that outcome will be moved to the "Active" filter.

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