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Importing Accounts from Zoho CRM to Klenty
Importing Accounts from Zoho CRM to Klenty

Importing Prospects from the Zoho CRM using Account Filters.

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Before you begin

  1. Firstly, Integrate your Zoho CRM with Klenty from the Integration's Settings. To know more refer to the article here.

  2. Kindly ensure to create a filter under the Account section in the CRM to import the related Contacts.

How to Import Prospects into Klenty using the Account filter:

  1. Go to Prospects module--> Add Prospect.

  2. Select the option " Account" to import all the Contacts of the respective Accounts in the CRM. This presents all the Accounts filters created in Zoho you wish to import.

  3. After you select the Import option, decide on the List name, Tags, and ownership of the Prospect as the Account owner.

    4. Now, click Start Import.

Import Options:

You can set up the import option for the CRM under Prospects--> Import History.

Auto Import: To automatically import the Contacts from the Accounts that match the filter created in the CRM with a duration of every 1 hour.

Import Now: To manually import the Accounts which the respective contacts from the filtered view to ignore the waiting period.

Field Mappings for Accounts module:

The mappings can be done for the Accounts module which presents the standard and custom fields of the respective account filter.

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