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Connecting your Calendar to Call IQ
Connecting your Calendar to Call IQ

Connect your calendar with Klenty Call IQ to transcript and analyse the calls

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How does it work?

Klenty Call IQ will send a bot to join the meetings booked on the connected calendar. All you have to do is to make sure the event is booked in the Calendar and the connection to your calendar is good.

Note: For any one-off events that is not booked or synced to your connected calendar, the bot will not join and the meeting will not be transcribed

You can connect Google or Outlook calendars to Call IQ.

If you have Call IQ enabled and have not skipped this connection step, then you can choose to connect the calendar from your homepage.

If you have skipped this step before, then navigate to

Call IQ→ Settings→Intergrations→ Calendar connection.

  1. Choose between Google Account or Outlook Account and enter your calendar email address

  2. the page will redirect to your calendar login page where you will need to enter credentials.

  3. The next page shows the permission to be accepted, after which the calendar set up is complete.

Refer to the relevant article to view the exclusive Calendar connection

Calendar is connected, what next?

Once you Calendar is connected, Klenty will start syncing events from your calendar and bots will set up to join the meetings. The upcoming meetings section under the Homepage of Call IQ displays the upcoming calls (up to 7) booked in the connected calendar.

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