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Configuring Call IQ Bot
Configuring Call IQ Bot

Enhance the Bot's transcription capabilities by adding more options for customisation.

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Bot Name settings:

Why use an emotionless name when you have the Privilege to customize the Bot name?

Navigate to Call IQ module-->Settings--> Bot Name,

Check the tick mark to save the given name and be notified.

Please note that the same Bot Name will be used for all users in your team. If you update the name, the bot name in your teammate's account will be updated as well

Bot Settings:

Prefer when the bot should join the meeting. It is applicable for Both External and Internal meetings as well as Audio calls. The trigger is toggled on by default for External meetings.

For Internal meetings, mention the company domain for the Bot to recognise and join according to the preference.

Note: These changes can be made at any time and will become effective for the upcoming meetings.

Audio call:

Enabling the toggle will transcribe the Audio calls made through the Klenty dialer.

When chosen as 30 seconds & above, the calls proceeding after 30 seconds will only be transcribed.

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