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Integrating Slack & Call IQ
Integrating Slack & Call IQ

Get instant notification on Slack with a summary once the transcript is completed

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Connecting Slack with Call IQ helps you send the Call Transcription to the desired Slack channel. After each call, the transcriptions and notes are automatically sent to Slack for easy access to the information.

How to integrate Call IQ with Slack

Navigate to Call IQ Settings--> Integrations--> Slack

Clicking on Connect option redirects to the Slack Permission upon logged in , Select Allow to grant access, and the status of the Connection is displayed.

Toggle On to enable the Transcriptions of each call to be sent to the selected Slack channel from the drop-down menu.

The Call insights sent to the Slack channel appear to be as shown below.

To view more details and the recording, click on the view recording option and it redirects to a Klenty window.

Note: You can only choose a public channel to send the call transcript. A private channel will not be shown in the list

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