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Introduction to Call IQ
Introduction to Call IQ
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We've recently launched Call IQ, our very own Conversation Intelligence Platform.

Call IQ gives you an easy way to review your calls. And identify key phrases that win/lose deals, answers to common objections, and the kind of questions you need to ask.

What does it do?

  • Stores all your calls in one place

  • Provides AI-driven customisable call summaries - like ‘next steps,’ ‘action items,’ and ‘questions asked.’

  • Gives you a collection of positive and negative sentiments

  • Enables internal communication through comments and mentions

  • Syncs transcripts, summaries, and insights to CRM and Slack

Why Call IQ is important?

Conversation intelligence plays a pivotal role in the success of sales processes by providing a deeper understanding of customer interactions. This analysis encompasses verbal and nonverbal cues, sentiment, key talking points, objections, and overall engagement dynamics.

By leveraging Klenty's Call IQ, sales teams can extract valuable insights from interactions.

How does this help the Sales Process?

  • In tailoring sales strategies to align with customer preferences and pain points

  • Understanding the prospect's tone and sentiment aids in gauging their level of interest and adjusting the approach accordingly

  • Identifying objections or concerns enables sales professionals to address them promptly and effectively.

How does it help the managers?

Conversation intelligence fosters continuous improvement. Sales managers can review and evaluate interactions to identify best practices and areas for enhancement. This facilitates coaching and training programs that equip sales reps with the skills needed to excel.

In the digital age, where remote and virtual interactions are prevalent, conversation intelligence becomes even more crucial. The absence of physical cues necessitates a keen focus on vocal nuances and language patterns. By analysing these factors, sales teams can build rapport and trust, crucial for successful deals.

Ultimately, Klenty's Call IQ enhances sales effectiveness. It empowers sales professionals with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, tailor pitches, and build meaningful relationships.


  • Improved conversion rates

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Efficient and productive sales process

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