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Prospect IQ: Managing Search

Search your leads based on different criterias

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You can search your leads based on different Filters available in Prospect IQ. You can search for individual Persons or Companies majorly and further funnel them down by applying other filters.

Applying Search Filters for Person:

Below filter options are available for searching individual persons. Please make sure to apply relevant search terms for accurate search.

For example, if you use the Domain filter, search with the complete domain like,

You can search by

  1. Name, First Name, Last Name

  2. Title

  3. Company Name

  4. Department

  5. Level (example: C-Level, VP)

  6. Number of Employees

  7. Revenue

  8. Industry Name

  9. Technology

  10. Domain Name

  11. City, State & Country

Applying Search Filters for Company:

You can apply the following filters to search for contacts in a particular company. Although the search attributes are limited in company search, we are committed to provide more options in the future.

You can search by

  1. Number of Employees

  2. Revenue

  3. Industry Name

  4. Company Name

  5. Domain Name

  6. City

  7. State

  8. Country

Save your Search Filters:

If you're using the same set of filters to search for leads, you can save the filter views for future use. Helps you to quickly apply the filters.

After applying the filters, choose the "Save View" option and provide a name for your view. This save view option is available for both Person and Company search.

You can access the saved views from "Saved Searches". You can remove the saved searches using the delete icon available next to the saved searches.

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