How do I import my Prospects to Klenty?

Description on importing Prospects using CSV, Google Sheets, CRM, or manually.

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Import from CSV

Before you begin

Make sure your CSV has the prospect details separated in columns for each field. Each column should have a header.

  1. In your Klenty account and go to Prospects > Add Prospects.

  2. In the Import from CSV tab, click on the box to upload or drag and drop the file you want to import

3. Klenty will automatically map the column headers with prospect fields. Make sure you verify that your CSV headers are mapped to the correct prospect fields in Klenty. These can be used as placeholders in your email templates to personalize each email. Note: If you can’t find a prospect field to map your CSV columns to, you can create a custom field.

4. You can assign Tags or add them to a List to categorize your Klenty database prospects. You can create or choose from your existing tags/lists or use a column from your CSV file.

5. Enable Update Duplicates if you need to update prospects already added to your Klenty account.

Import using Google Sheets (Not available in Startup Plan)

To begin, connect your Google account.

  1. Login to Klenty and go to Prospects > Add Prospects > Google Sheets

  2. Enter the Google Drive account’s email ID that you wish to connect to Klenty and click on Authenticate.

  3. Once this is done, you can create Sheets via Klenty and add your prospects’ information. Klenty will create the Sheets in a new folder within your Google Drive.

  4. Enter a name to create a new Sheet.

  5. Copy your prospect details over to this new Sheet.

  6. In Klenty, you’ll see the Sheets you’ve created via this process in the Google Sheets tab listed as Your sheets. Click on the Import button on the Sheet you want to import.

  7. Klenty will automatically map your Sheet headers with Klenty prospect fields. You can verify and edit as required and create a new custom field if there are no prospect fields that match your requirement.

  8. Add to a list or tags if needed, and click on Preview to confirm your mapping.

  9. Click on Start Import to start adding the prospects to Klenty.

  10. Once a Sheet has been imported, you can enable the auto-import option to automatically import new additions to the Google Sheet (remember to add the new prospects to the last row of the Sheet)

  11. Click on Import Now to immediately import any new additions in the Sheet.

Manually add prospects

To add Prospects manually

  1. Login to your Klenty account and go to Prospects -> Add prospects.

  2. Click on the Create a new prospect button, and enter your prospect’s details.

  3. Add the prospect to a new or select an existing Tag/List and click on Create.

Import via CRM (Not available in Startup Plan)

Klenty offers native integration with major CRMs and you'll be able to import prospects directly from CRMs such as Zoho, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce.

Now that you have imported prospects to Klenty, it's time to add them to the desired Cadence. Here are a few articles that will come in handy.

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