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Getting Started with Klenty
Getting Started with Klenty
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How Klenty works

What is Klenty

Successful sales outreach requires multiple touchpoints and the involvement of several communication channels. Just as CRMs help organize prospects, Klenty helps SDRs execute their sales activities with prospects.

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that helps salespeople build meaningful relationships with prospects and eliminates the friction that slows salespeople down.

What can you do with Klenty?

Klenty is an all-in-one platform that helps SDRs efficiently plan, execute, monitor, and optimize sales engagement. With Klenty, you can:

  • Engage with prospects across communication channels such as Emails, Calls, Text Messaging, and LinkedIn.

  • Execute intelligent outreach with intent-driven playbooks, send personalized emails, automate workflows, and more…

  • Monitor individual touchpoints throughout the customers’ lifecycle and use these data points to tweak outcomes.

Prospects, Cadences, and Playbooks


Who is a prospect?

A prospect is a potential client who fits certain criteria and is likely to find value from your platform. In many cases, prospects have the purchasing power to buy your products and are the decision-makers. Prospects do not need to specify an intention to buy your product, but only have to meet the predetermined criteria.

Why do I need to add my prospects on Klenty?

Prospects are at the center of sales engagement and all sales engagement activities are targeted at prospects. Adding prospects on Klenty helps you communicate with them efficiently through multiple channels. Additionally, Klenty also gives you an insight into the prospect's intent through metrics such as open rates, response rates, etc.

Read this support article to add prospects to Klenty.


What is a sales cadence?

A sales cadence is a sequence of communication touchpoints, usually across channels, intended to establish a connection or make a sale. Cadences are typically spread out over a fixed time period and frequency. Cadences can be created for all kinds of outreach - from cold mailing / cold calling to follow up with inbound leads.

Read this support article to get started on your first cadence


What is a Playbook?

Traditionally, playbooks are a guide that helps all members of a team or a division get things done in a standardized method. Sales playbooks, for example, outline standard operating procedures for SDRs in various conditions such as prospecting, nurturing, etc. In Klenty, Playbooks help you automate workflows based on prospects’ activities and engagement.

As your cadence progresses, prospects will be at various stages of the pipeline. And each of them requires different priorities and/or levels of engagement.

Read this support article to get started on your first Playbook.

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